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This is an incredible opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking and vitally important piece of theatre. The play brings the important issue of baby loss to the stage in an entertaining, funny and moving story that will resonate acutely with those who have lost children as well as anyone who has ever grieved or knows those that have.

1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss and so it is more than likely that you know someone who has gone through this. The silence around baby loss leaves people isolated and alone. We want this play to help raise awareness of this so the bereaved feel supported. It will help remove the stigma and silence that surrounds the issue by encouraging people to start talking about it.

On top of this we have brought an incredibly exciting creative team together, many of whom worked on our previous production No Place For A Woman, who will ensure that this play is a stunning  and magnificent theatrical event.

The Play

The play is narrated by the father (Rupert) who we eventually find out is talking to his deceased son (Teddy), recounting the story of how he and his mother (Alex) met, created him and how they are still dealing with losing him. It is a play of two distinct halves: the excitement, anticipation, charm, humour, angst, hope and dysfunction of a burgeoning relationship and the preparations for starting a family; followed by a window into how humans deal with a very very private unspoken grief.

The play is backed by SANDS, the still birth and neo-natal charity; Petals, the baby loss counselling service; Professor Alexander Heazell director of Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic at St Mary’s Hospital Manchester; midwives from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; and bereaved parents. Producing this play will give a platform for all these people – so help us make it happen!