by Jessica Butcher and Sacha Voit

March 7th – 11th 2018 7:25pm
(also Sunday 11th at 3pm)

“That’s when the police decided to show me the CCTV footage. At first I thought it was just some bloke with a hat pulled down over his face.

The problem was when the dancing started.

And not just any dancing.

Tap dancing.”

When it looks like Fred Astaire has burnt down Boots the chemist, Willow (Tanya Loretta Dee) knows that something is seriously afoot. She braves the wilds of Lynx Africa, talking trees, and infertility to find an unlikely friend in Liz (Illona Linthwaite) as she tracks down the truth. BOOTS is a new play about ending the silence that would keep even Ginger Rogers on her toes.

A funny, heartbreaking adventure through forests, friendship and FemFresh that reveals the loneliness of age and the power of Mother Nature.

Bring your advantage card.

BOOTS, by Jessica Butcher and Sacha Voit, features an original sound score by Jack Wyllie of Portico Quartet. Directed by Lucy Wray (Resident Director, Almeida 2018).

Jessica’s first play Sparks also premieres at Vault Festival 2018.