We are delighted to announce that our new play is premiering at The Southwark Playhouse in 2020. Details below and get your tickets now by clicking here.

Small Things Theatre presents ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT HARD ENOUGH By Cordelia O’Neill. Directed by Kate Budgen. Designed by Camilla Clarke. Lighting design by Sally Ferguson. Sound design by Beth Duke.

1 – 25 April 2020
Press night: Monday, 6 April 2020 at 8pm (The Little)

Alex and Rupert aren’t a conventional match but a caffeinated meeting on the underground ignites a spark. Skip forward to them fighting over baby names, nursery colours and ways to save money. All the signs of a normal family in waiting.

Then Alex goes into labour, their baby is born still and their world implodes.

What follows is a window into how a couple find the strength to move forward, the will to stay together, and the determination to keep the memory of their child alive.

A new play that takes us to the depth of grief to find hope, to the edge of insanity to find reason and finds humour in the most unexpected places.

Casting is to be announced.